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Uses (this page is really outdated!)

Here you will find a list of tools, software, and services that I use on a daily basis.


  • VSCodium - A fork of VSCode without any Microsoft binaries or telemetry.
  • Node.js - Server-side JavaScript engine. Great for webapps. It's what is powering this website!
  • Pug - HTML template engine for Node.js. Makes it super easy to quickly write HTML.
  • Sass - A CSS extension that takes all the headaches away from writing stylesheets.
  • Font Awesome - Modern icons designed to work in nearly every browser. Very customizable with a huge icon set.

OS & Hardware

Desktop apps

  • Firefox - Fast and secure browser from Mozilla.
  • Sublime Text - Lightweight text editor that can open nearly any format. Awesome for scripts with syntax highlighting for tons of languages.

Mobile apps

  • RIF is fun for Reddit - Third-party Reddit app for Android.
  • NewPipe - Open-source lightweight YouTube front-end for Android. Supports background playing, offline downloads, Picture in Picture, and more. Ad free!
  • Firefox Android - Allows me to install all my desktop extensions on my phone, too.


  • Signal - End-to-end encrypted messaging.
  • Tutanota - Open-source highly secure encrypted email service. My personal email points to their servers!
  • Mullvad - Open-source no-logs VPN service with servers worldwide. Implements both OpenVPN and the newer WireGuard protocol.
  • Bitwarden - Open-source password manager. Also acts as a 2FA client and includes a password generator tool.