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Projects (this page is really outdated!)


The Degoogle project started in Mid 2018 and is ongoing to this day. What originally started out as a request for a megathread turned into an actual megathread (link no longer available), eventually making it's way to the r/privacy wiki. A year after the first thread, I made a new thread for 2019. This one had a bunch of new rules on what could be added as an alternative. The project is now maintained through GitHub but the Reddit wiki still acts as a mirror.

Recent initiatives (late May/early June 2020) are automating the project and attempting to make it easier to edit. Instead of directly editing the file, all replacement data (and most other sections) are now in Yaml files. These files are read by a build script that generates the README. This makes sure everything looks consistent and allows for faster editing. There is another script that publishes the newly generated README to the r/privacy wiki.

As of June 5, 2020, the project has over 3200 stars on GitHub. You can view the guide in a number of places, such as the GitHub repo, GitHub Pages (using my own subdomain), the r/privacy wiki, and other mirrors.


Click here to watch the live stream!

(Completed late May 2020) - I was curious to see how easily I could get asciiquarium streaming on Twitch. This might sound easy, but I wanted to run it on my VPS. See the problem now? The "V" in VPS means "virtual". There is no physical monitor plugged in to that machine. Without a monitor, how am I supposed to stream anything? I had two goals for this project:

  1. Make Linux think it had a fake monitor plugged in
  2. Stream something from the command line (without using dedicatd software like OBS, which would need a GUI)

It actually didn't take long at all. At some point I will post a guide on how I did it, but essentially I used Xvfb to create a "fake" display (after some troubleshooting with Xorg configs) and then used the streaming() block from Finally I used xterm to run asciiquarium in the fake display. ffmpeg was used to actually stream.


A Minecraft server manager in the browser.

This section will be updated soon